TTC Ricany Introduction

Let me introduce our Table Tennis Club from Ricany.

Our philosophy is to play table tennis, which is our hobby. Furthermore, it is also fun when we meet and discuss together, and we play other sports and organize some trips.

We are an independent sport club and we have our table tennis hall in Ricany. Our history is from 1985, when 4 players started play an official competition. Now we have 8 teams in competitions, our best team plays regional league. Other teams play regional or local competitions. Of course, we have a focus on young players, because it is a way for the future.

And what is nice on table tennis? We can play it in any age. In our club we have the right mix of people, from the youngest to the very advanced age (over 70).

We have very interesting experiences with meetings and playing of table tennis with foreign clubs. IN addition, we are involved in twinning partnership (cooperation with partnership towns):

  • Opatowek - Poland - twinning
  • Molndal - Sweden - twinning
  • Albertslund - Denmark - twinning
  • Dainville - France - twinning
  • TT Vicenza - Italy
  • Chestfield Whitstable - England - twinning
  • TV Borken - Germany - twinning
  • Athens - Greece
  • AS Roma – Italy
  • Gödöllö - Hungary
  • CTT Ripollet Barcelona – Spain
  • Gispen Culemborg – Netherlands
  • Agfa Munich - Germany
The trips or meetings are opportunity to see other countries, places and to discuss with table tennis friends.

Contact table tennis hall:
Pod Skolou 987
251 01 Ricany
GPS: 49°59'31.628"N,14°39'12.383"E
Email: ttcricany(at)

Contact person:
Vratislav Valenta
President of club
Mobile: +420 602 229 153